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PostDoc/PhD student in Neuro/AI/Automatic Control Posted Mar 01
National Cheng Kung University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nordling Lab , Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan
The Nordling Lab at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is seeking a Postdoctoral fellow in Neuro Science, Development Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence(AI). Our group is doing potentially lifesaving interdisciplinary researchthat involves our core competence in data science and mathematical modelling of biological and cyber-physical systems. We recently got a large 4-year grant to study human learning and cognitive development,in order to develop new learning methods for artificial neural networks (ANNs) and do early detection of Alzheimer’s disease(AD). We are currently building smart toys, containing sensors and actuators, that enable us to record longitudinal data on how children interact with the toy and thus study development of the sensorimotor function. We plan to obtain data almost daily,following each child from roughly 3-months until 3-years of age. We plan to use system identification techniques to derive dynamical models within the dynamical systems theory framework that over the past decade has risen as a model for explaining cognitive development. We believe these models will shed new insights into human learning and development. Today a human can from a single example learn what it takes an ANN thousands or millions of examples. Through bio-mimicking, we plan to create a more data efficient methodfor training ANNs and do early detection of ADfrom the scarce labelled data that exists.We prefer applicants with aPhD in Neuro Science or Development Psychologyand interest in AI, with experience of mathematical modelling, data analysis, and experiments involving human subjects.Expertise ina scientific programming language, in particular Python or Matlab, is beneficial. Priority will be given to native English speakers that love to write. This is an excellent opportunity to focus onone topic for 4-years,in a friendlyand inclusive environment,and get significant publications and project management practice to propel the next step in acareer in academia. Over the next decade, many professors at the top universities in Taiwan will retire, e.g. at our department we need to recruit 4 new faculty members within the next two years.Or you can join the startupwe plan to fund in 2022.