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Manager, Quality and Risk Management Posted Nov 06
Wistom Financial Ltd. , Vancouver, BC, Canada (350-1200 W. 73rd Ave.)
Who are we?
Wistom Financial Ltd. is a well-known comprehensive financial services companies in Greater Vancouver. With a professional and honest team, excellent vision, acute market sense and cross-border cooperation platform, Wistom is committed to delivering various personal-tailored insurance, savings and investment services to all new and old customers.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a committed, reliable and proactive financial individual to be our Quality and Risk Management Manager in charge of quality assurance and risk management of our financial products. Any one fitting our requirements can feel free to contact us. We will be happy to chat with you and your talent will be valued by us.

What are your responsibilities?
 Be responsible for the construction and operation of the quality and risk control system, optimize and improve the quality assurance and risk management system and formulate corresponding policies, business process and procedures to achieve standardization management;
 Conduct quality assurance and risk management of the company's products according to relevant laws and regulations and put forward professional opinions to provide effective support for the company's investment decisions;
 Conduct risk consulting and assessment before putting the project products on the shelves according to the product information, issue written risk assessment opinions, and monitor during the process and inspect & assess afterwards;
 Follow up investment projects and financial products during the whole process of investment projects and give timely warning of potential risks and provide relevant solutions;
 Follow up the latest regulatory requirements, investigate and interpret industrial policies, provide support for the company's decision-making and strategic planning, and provide solutions for prevention and control measures against possible major risks;
 Organize and guide various departments to continuously and extensively collect risk management information of strategy, market, finance, law and business activities and conduct compliance management for the business development of each department;
 Coordinate legal affairs with external parties;
 Supervise the business department's implementation of risk control system and process, and identify, check and report the daily compliance risk;
 Deal with the risk problems of the business department timely and report the identified risks to the company leaders;
 Fulfill other tasks assigned by leaders.

What qualifications do you need?
• A university degree;
• At least 3 years related work experience;
• Extensive knowledge of Financial Industry/Quality Assurance/Risk Management;
• Written & verbal communication skills;
• Dedicated, detail oriented, and an ability to propose creative solutions;
• Quick learner;
• High degree of personal initiative.

Why apply?
• A Permanent, Full-time job with 40 hours per week
• $25 per hour
• Routine weekend plus annual vacation
• Employee Insurance benefits