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Immediate opening for IT Head Posted Nov 22
Maven Infotech , Kolkata, West Bengal, India (ecospace)


The key responsibility is to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire IT
systems infrastructure in a proactive manner.

1.To be adept at advanced Linux technologies and keep abreast with the
latest advancements in this domain

2.One should be adept at :
The Apache Web Server, Linux Mail Servers (Postfix, Cyrus-IMAP),
Monitoring Server Performance, advanced MRTG For Linux, Network-
Based Linux Installation, Linux Software RAID, Managing Disk Capacity,
Disk Usage with Quotas, Remote Disk Access with NFS, Configuring NIS,
Centralized Logins Using LDAP, Web Access and filtering with Squid,
Modifying the Kernel to Improve Performance, Configuring Linux VPNs,
LTSP & Thin-client Configuration, Advanced configuration and
optimization of open-source databases such as MySQL / PostgreSQL,
Advanced backup and restore procedure, Advanced Shell Scripting and
basic PERL / Python scripting

3.Ability to pro actively monitor, troubleshoot and optimise deployed
server systems

4.Ability to perform your duties without much supervision within

5.Ability to guide, mentor and delegate junior team members towards
advanced Linux System administration tasks


1. B. Sc, B.Tech / B.E., B.Tech - Computer Science
2. A Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field


1.At least 3-6 years of experience in the majority of the areas indicated


1.Demonstrate exceptional hardware and software troubleshooting skills
and consistent attention to detail

2.Demonstrate superior customer service skills when resolving trouble

3.Demonstrate the ability to multitask and work under dynamic
conditions and constraints with minimal supervision

4.Demonstrate high motivation and the ability to maximize team
productivity in a collaborative environment

5.Demonstrate willingness to document system configurations and
support processes

6.Demonstrate a willingness to coach and mentor other team members
in areas of expertise

7.Should posses good communication skills

Salary : Best in the industry

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Maven Infotech offers business process management solutions through dedicated IT consulting services. Today, we are witnessing a rapid transformation in the world of business, with IT taking over major aspects of business vertical management. Maven Infotech thoroughly analysis your business model and does provide consulting services on that basis.
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